Sacred Intentions – FREE eBook

The fourteen Sacred Intentions found in this book describe our primary life lessons and affirm the deep voice of our soul. Find your personal Sacred Intention that articulates your major life lesson and move from pain to deep healing and peace. This book softly and effectively guides us to be courageous, to trust intuition, to forgive ourselves, to reduce fear, to surrender to Divine Will, to lay down effective boundaries, to become our wise self, to learn from pain, and of course to live with effortless joy. As you silently read Sacred Intentions, your mind, body, emotions and spirit energetically commune and heal. The fourteen Sacred Intentions in this work communicate the deepest lessons and desires of the soul, lessons and desires that direct us to a life of self-acceptance, pleasure, contribution and service. Heal your life with Sacred Intentions.

The Masculine Heart: What makes men tick – FREE eBook

A tour de force journey into the masculine heart. The undetected and behind the scene tragedies suffered by little boys and young men not only at home, but also in consumer culture, come to light. A holistic account of how men become wounded within the nest and outside of it. Distorted definitions of male success by corporate and media “profits before people” consciousness, sets the stage for this unraveling poetic tale of burned out, exploited and psychologically unsuccessful fathers and sons. In an uncommon and distinctive voice, Kandarjian invites the forces that perpetuate the development of the “false” male self to reflect upon the massive damage and consider brotherly options. Ultimately, a contemporary male narrative about self-possession: possession of emotions, intuitive instincts, reason, and drive. Finally, a book that redefines male power for the 21st century and competently anchors it into the charitable heart.

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Life and Afterlife, Q & A – Book and eBook

Have you ever wondered what happens to our unfinished life lessons and unresolved patterns and emotions after we die? Are you clear about what your major life lessons are in this lifetime and which negative patterns and emotions you are here to heal? By answering thirty-three questions about everyday life issues, relationships, and the healing processes that take place in the afterlife, Dr. Robert Kandarjian reviews in a practical and coherent fashion our journey toward personal healing and God. This treasure of a book takes the reader into a journey of mental, emotional and spiritual introspection and transformation. The questions are vulnerable and at times amusing, but they are always real. The answers are spiritually comprehensive and touch the different layers of personal stories. The approach and intention is always to heal and to connect the reader to their wise self and the result is a book you can’t stop reading.

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All three books are available on Amazon Kindle eBook. “The Masculine Heart” is also available on Barnes & Noble NOOKbooks. To obtain a Sacred Intention CD, please contact us.

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